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KOU4U in Germany merges Japanese and German music to a distinctive sound.
Kou has already successfully released several singles in Germany by the name KOU.

Now he is active again under the new unique name KOU4U.
As Japanese in Germany, he combines the music of Japan and Germany and wants to enrich the German music scene.
His new single "Ninja in Germany" with the songs "Ninja in Germany" and "Danke und leb wohl" shows this association even more intense , and moreover he sings his first song in German language.

You have to hear and experience KOU4U.

What was before this album release ?
In Berlin, he was exciting the audience at the end of 2012 in some RTL casting show and he is expected to sing to the top of the charts in the near future. Back in Japan, he has made some success as a singer, musician, but also as a film composer. The latter for the movie "Musitachi", for which he composed all the music and was honored in Japan at the film festival.
He has released some albums 2000, such as "Groping in the dark" or "Out of the Blue" and a few more.
With his single "I'll be there for you", released in July 2013, he met the musical tastes of many listeners worldwide.
In Japan he is sent from one radio station to the next.

In Germany KOU4U enjoyed great success with some live concerts.
Various print media have already interviewed him about his music.
In Japan, his last single "Pandora" is running in a music programme of public tv station NHK.

Video clips can be viewed on his website.
Also accessible via the label side.

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